The Glass family - Donegall

David Joseph Glass

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
David Glass 03 Jun 1839 Catherine Hamilton 1846


Partner Date of Birth Children
Bessie Watson 1891 Kathleen Jane Glass
Daphne Glass

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 19 Mar 1882 Toulett, Donegal, Ireland
Christening 28 May 1882 Rev. Hamilton
Marriage 1916 Londonderry, Ireland
Death 22 May 1952 23 Glen Road


Davie served his time as a shirt cutter in Derry City, later starting a small shirt factory in Orchard Street - called the 'Atlantic' factory. He moved to a larger factory 'The Carlisle factory' at the bottom of the Carslisle Road, and finally to the bottom of the abercorn Road, and the 'Abercorn' factory. Times were good through the 1920's but afere the stock market crash things became difficult. He eventually sold the factory and became a manager. Possibly during the mid 1930s.