Destinations or Directions

Most authors who have turned their thoughts to an 'idealistic' society in which all men would live in happiness, contentment, and in peace were describing a fantasy. In that I think I am no different. I will not try to define a 'perfect' society - one which I expect would be 'Utopian' provided you follow the rules.

A "societal improvement" and the pursuit of it is the reasonable objective for all human societies, and it is the direction of travel which is important rather than the description of what "Utopia" would look like which is important. This then is my aim. To cover some of the issues that might be looked at on this journey.

Yes, we all have different ideas, different educations, different cultures, different social norms, but we many share the idea that a planet full of human beings should be able to live together and develop a better World to live in. My proof for this is the many International agreements, laws and conventions we have put together, often painfully, over the course of the twentieth century.