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The idea of Utopia was first mentioned in Plato's "Republic" around 400 BC. As a famous Greek thinker he described a perfect community, dividing people into rigid 'ranks'. The 'Golden' group who spent 50 years learning how to rule commanded the 'Silver', 'Bronze', and 'Iron' groups who had other clear responsibilities laid out for them. In the 16th century, Sir Thomas More's book Utopia proposed an ideal society of the same name, a work intended to reveal more about the England of his time than about an idealistic society. It was partially a satire on the times in which he lived. More was killed by Henry VIII.


It might be the ultimate in hubris but I have started to expand on ideas of a better means of managing ourselves as we move into the 3rd millennium. I have done this in the light of debates with others as to the current state of societies across the planet, and the 2016 political traumas in England and America.